These are the events planned for 2017

May 7 Season Premiere Airshow, Old Warden
May 14 Abingdon Air & Country Show
May 20 Classic Evening Airshow, Old Warden
Jun 4 Fly Navy Airshow, Old Warden
Jun 10/11 deHMC Charity Flying Weekend, Old Warden
Jun 17 At Home with Shuttleworth, Old Warden
Jul 2 Military Pageant, Old Warden
Jul 15 WWI Evening Airshow, Old Warden
Jul 22 Scottish National Airshow, East Fortune (for ATES)
Jul 30 Gathering of Moths (for deHMC), Old Warden
Aug 5 Air Display, East Kirkby, Lincolnshire
Aug 6 Edwardian Pageant, Old Warden
Aug 19 The Flying Proms, Old Warden
Aug 26/27 Wings & Wheels, Dunsfold (for TSA Consulting)
Sep 3 Shuttleworth 175, Old Warden
Oct 1 Race Day & Roaring Twenties Airshow, Old Warden